LeBron’s All-Star Team Is Cursed – Cousins, Love, Wall, And Porzingis All Suffer Serious Injuries

by 1 year ago

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For every action, there is an equal or great reaction. Unfortunately, this rings true in the latter form when it comes to the NBA All-Star Draft and a curse

That’s right – All-Star captain LeBron James drafted against Steph Curry, it looked like he got away with armed highway robbery during the secret draft. LeBron’s team looked like the Monstars while, in comparison, Steph’s team looked like a prequel to White Men Can’t Jump.

Team LeBron:

Team Stephen:

Now, if you take a closer look Team LeBron’s roster you’ll notice 25% of his team has since suffered from significant or season-ending injuries. Twice is a coincidence, three times is a fluke… and four is just a flat out curse! Four brutal injuries, all following the NBA All-Star Draft… all players on Team LeBron.

Here’s how the Team LeBron curse swept through some of the NBA’s biggest stars…

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