LeBron James Straight Up Disrespects The Utah Jazz After Donovan Mitchell And Rudy Gobert Get Picked Last During All-Star Draft

Utah Jazz players are probably not going to be happy with Kevin Durant and LeBron James after Thursday night’s NBA All-Star draft.

Despite the fact that the Jazz have the best record in the league, their two stars Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert ended up being the last two players picked by Durant and James in the All-Star draft.

When asked about why the Jazz players were picked last, LeBron hilariously stated that no one ever wanted to play with the Jazz even in video games.

s: “There’s no slander tho the Utah Jazz. You’ve got to understand, just like in video games growing up, we never played with Utah. As great as Karl Malone and John Stockton was, we would never pick those guys in video games.”