LeBron James Says He Records And Then Watches Every Single NBA Game At The Same Time, Says It’s Like Reading A Book

lebron james watches every nba game at the same time

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LeBron James can do a lot of things really well that involve the game of basketball. He’s arguably the greatest player ever, he’s fourth all-time in NBA scoring, he can shut up and dribble in China and now it turns out he’s elite at watching NBA games.

James spoke with reporters on Friday ahead of the Lakers’ matchup against the Jazz and said that he DVR’s every single game and then watches them all at the same time, which seems bizarre, but according to him it’s a way to study all of his opponents.

“I’ll watch all of them at the same time. I’m serious. I can watch every last one of them at the same time,” James said.

He smiled when asked how many DVR’s he actually has.

“I don’t watch basketball for entertainment … For me, basketball is like reading a great book. I don’t believe great books are entertainment, I think it’s something that just continues to strengthen the mind. That’s what I love about basketball: it continues to strengthen my mind every time I watch it.”

As for the process of watching every game at the same time, he said that he’ll turn his focus to a particular game when big moments arise such as close games late in the fourth quarter. James backed up that claim by telling the media about the end of the Nets – Timberwolves game earlier in the week.

“Well, Kyrie went up three, hit the three, [Karl-Anthony Towns] came back, tied the game. Kyrie got a pick-and-roll, got ice’d, pocket pass to Jarrett Allen, missed two free throws. Rebound, Taurean Prince, blocked shot. Andrew Wiggins, miss, overtime,” James recalled. “So, I watched all the way until Kyrie missed the shot at the end of the overtime. And then I watched the rest of the games as well.”

James claimed that he can recall pretty much anything from every game he watches.

You can just picture him sitting in some massive room in his home with 10 TV’s going and his eyes trying to keep up with every game. The big question here is how he pulls this off while on the road. Does he just watch game after game on a couple of iPads? What a life.

The process has worked pretty well for him so far though, no arguing that.

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