Everyone Can Stop Doing Bat Flips, Because There Will Never Be A Bat Flip As Savage As This One

by 1 year ago
Lin Tzu-Chieh greatest bat flip ever

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We’ve seen numerous incredible bat flips following home runs over the years. We’ve seen them in Major League Baseball. We’ve seen them in college. We’ve seen them in high school. We’ve seen them in junior high. We’ve even seen them done by toddlers.

Heck, we’ve even seen them memorialized on Christmas sweaters, for God’s sake.

And each and every one of them have been gloriously and utterly disrespectful. Which is, of course, why we love them. Who cares if the pitcher’s feelings are hurt. Boo-hoo, don’t serve meatball and there won’t be any more bat flips, buddy.

All that being said, this bat flip by Lin Tzu-Chieh of Team Taiwan at the Asian Baseball Championship might be the most disrespectful of them all.

Yeah, yeah, too much grip spray on the bat. Riiiight…

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