Ignorant Fans Are Going In On Logan Ryan After He (Rightfully) Calls Out Browns Fan Who Tossed Beer On Him

Logan Ryan calls out Browns fan for dumping beer on him and ignorant people replied on Twitter

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Logan Ryan had a dominant day against the Cleveland Browns in Week 1 of the NFL season. The cornerback didn’t only lead his Tennessee Titans in tackles with eight, but he also registered 1.5 sacks and intercepted a pass, helping guide the Titans to a blowout victory in Cleveland, 43-13.

While Ryan and his teammates completely embarrassed the much-hyped Browns, there was an incident in the Dawg Pound late in the game that some may not have noticed because, well, the game was all but decided at that point.

Following a pick-six by Logan Ryan’s defensive backfield mate, Malcom Butler, a fan wearing a Browns jersey could be seen dumping beer on a couple members of the Titans, who leaped into the stands to celebrate. After the video surfaced on social media, Ryan replied, rightfully calling out the jackass who dumped a beer on him and his teammates.

Nothing wrong here, right? Just a pro athlete speaking his mind about being treated like a piece of shit by, well, a real piece of shit fan, who thought it was his right to dump beer on Logan Ryan and his teammates because he paid money for expensive seats at a sporting event; I suppose — which has become an all-too-common theme at NFL games.

Unfortunately, because Twitter can be a nasty place, there were a bunch of ignorant people actually calling out Logan Ryan for, God forbid, jumping into the Dawg Pound following the defensive score, with some complaining there was no need for it because the game was already decided at that point. Just look at the type of moronic excuses that some actually tried to argue about on social media.

Remember, something similar to this happened last year during a Chiefs-Patriots game, when TV cameras caught a Pats fan deliberately disrespecting Kansas City wideout Tyreek Hill by throwing beer in his face. The fan was (thankfully) tracked down and suspended from ever going to another game in Gillette Stadium, which seems like the appropriate punishment for doing something this stupid.

Guys, as fans, we’re not entitled to a damn thing, so remember that. As much as the Browns were getting their asses handed to them on the field — and it deflated the mood in the entire stadium — having a fan do something like this only adds insult to injury. Being an idiot is a bad look, so here’s to hoping the Browns fan is tracked down and prevented from future games, because this is really dumb.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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