Does Losing Cause NFL Fans To Drink More Alcohol? A New Survey Sheds Some Light

New Report Does Losing Cause NFL Fans To Drink More Alcohol

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  • A new report reveals the results of a survey of NFL fans of legal drinking age to determine which team’s fans drink the most.
  • Perhaps not surprisingly, the top 10 teams’ fans on the list have won a combined three Super Bowls over the past 20 years (two by just one team).
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NFL fans like their alcohol. This we know. Between tailgating before the games and buying way too many $10+ beers during the games, a whole lot of booze is consumed by NFL fans each week during the season.

Which team’s fans drink the most though? And does winning or losing have any correlation to how much a NFL team’s fans drink?

To answer those questions, and more, SportsHandle surveyed NFL fans of legal drinking age to better get a handle on things like the average number of drinks NFL fans for each team consume and at what cost for each game?

Below are the results of which NFL fan base is the drunkest along with the levels of futility compiled by each team over the past 20 years. We’ve broken it up into four groups from the NFL fans that drink the most to the those who drink the least.

1. Cincinnati Bengals (average drinks: 5.2 — record: 149-183-4)
2. Baltimore Ravens (average drinks: 4.7 — record: 201-135)
3. Buffalo Bills (average drinks: 4.5 — record: 150-186)
4. Chicago Bears (average drinks: 4.5 — record: 166-170)
5. Carolina Panthers (average drinks: 4.4 — record: 162-173-1)
6. Denver Broncos (average drinks: 4.4 — record: 187-149)
7. Los Angeles Chargers (average drinks: 4.4 — record: 169-167)
8. Cleveland Browns (average drinks: 4.3 — record: 110-225-1)
COMBINED: 1,292 wins, 1,388 losses, 6 ties
FINDINGS: The group of teams above has the second most amount of losses, yet their fans drink are the ones that the most.

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9. Los Angeles Rams (average drinks: 4.3 — record: 155-181)
10. Detroit Lions (average drinks: 4.1 — record: 119-216-1)
11. Atlanta Falcons (average drinks: 3.9 — record: 168-167-1)
12. Houston Texans (average drinks: 3.8 — record: 135-169)
14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (average drinks: 3.8 — record: 149-187)
14. Dallas Cowboys (average drinks: 3.7 — record: 174-162)
15. Green Bay Packers (average drinks: 3.7 — record: 210-124-2)
16. Indianapolis Colts (average drinks: 3.7 — record: 208-128)
COMBINED: 1,318 wins, 1,334 losses, 4 ties
FINDINGS: Stuck in the middle, this group of eight NFL teams drink the second most alcohol, yet they also have the second most amount of wins.

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17. New York Jets (average drinks: 3.7 — record: 148-186)
18. Washington Football Team (average drinks: 3.7 — record: 140-196)
19. Jacksonville Jaguars (average drinks: 3.6 — record: 128-208)
20. Las Vegas Raiders (average drinks: 3.6 — record: 133-203)
21. New Orleans Saints (average drinks: 3.6 — record: 195-141)
22. Kansas City Chiefs (average drinks: 3.5 — record: 180-156)
23. Pittsburgh Steelers (average drinks: 3.5 — record: 217-117-2)
24. Arizona Cardinals (average drinks: 3.4 — record: 145-189-2)
COMBINED: 1,286 wins, 1,396 losses, 4 ties
FINDINGS: This group has the most losses over the past 20 years, yet is only the third out of the four groups when it comes to getting hammered.

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25. New York Giants (average drinks: 3.4 — record: 163-173)
26. Philadelphia Eagles (average drinks: 3.4 — record: 194-140-2)
27. Miami Dolphins (average drinks: 3.3 — record: 159-177)
28. Seattle Seahawks (average drinks: 3.3 — record: 194-141-1)
29. Minnesota Vikings (average drinks: 3.2 — record: 172-162-2)
30. New England Patriots (average drinks: 3.0 — record: 243-93)
31. Tennessee Titans (average drinks: 3.0 — record: 171-165)
32. San Francisco 49ers (average drinks: 2.6 — record: 154-181-1)
COMBINED: 1,450 wins, 1,232 losses, 6 ties
FINDINGS: The final group easily has the most wins and also drinks the least. It is also the only group whose teams combined for a winning percentage on the plus .500 side of the ledger.

So what did we learn here?

(1) You don’t feel the need to drink as much when your team is winning.
(2) Losing definitely correlates to NFL fans drinking more alcohol.
(3) And being mediocre for a long period of time will drive an NFL fan to drink even more than losing on the regular.

Maybe it has something to do with having lofty expectations never being met that does it to a fan. The teams the lose all the time don’t provide nearly as critical disappointments as the teams the can just never seem to get over the hump.

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