LSU Football Players Rip Local Baton Rouge Reporter To Shreds Over ‘BS’ Ed Orgeron Rumor

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  • A report came out earlier this week about LSU head coach Ed Orgeron and his relationship with women in Baton Rouge.
  • Now, a few days later, his players both past and present are calling the report fake news.
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Earlier this week, Louisiana State athletics announced its plans to part ways with head football coach Ed Orgeron after this season. Orgeron was fired without cause, so he will collect his entire $17.8 million buyout and doesn’t seem too shaken up over the decision.

However, the reports that have come out this week do not paint him in the best light. The Athletic’s Brody Miller was the first to chime in and said that Orgeron’s pursuit of women off of the field became a distraction.

Not long thereafter, Matt Trent of Baton Rouge’s ABC affiliate WBRZ doubled down on the initial report. He went so far as to claim that Coach O brought his “girlfriends” to “multiple practices” and allowed the children of his “girlfriends” to take part in team drills.

Now that Trent’s report has made its rounds and grabbed headlines, he is getting absolutely flamed online. Current and former LSU football players are ripping Trent on Twitter and completely debunking his report.

They are claiming that have “NEVER” seen anything like that happen at practice, “not once.” They are also going so far as to call it “big cap,” “fake sh*t” and “BS,” as well as calling Trent a clown.

Here are some of the team reactions in response to Trent’s now-contentious report:

Perhaps the most telling response came from quarterback Myles Brennan. The 22-year-old committed to Orgeron and has been with the Tigers program since 2017.

Here is what he had to say:

Since being called out by multiple players, Trent has neither cited his sources nor issued any sort of retraction.

Why? I do not have an answer. What I do know is that if Trent’s report was false — which it certainly seems like it was — he could be in for some serious repercussions. He potentially could be fired and he could potentially be sued by Orgeron for defamation.

Regardless of what happens next, this is a truly terrible look for Trent and his silence is astonishing.