Fans React To Marcus Freeman Throwing Shade At Ohio State Over Academic Standards

Fans React To Marcus Freeman Throwing Shade At Ohio State Academics

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  • Marcus Freeman opted to use Ohio State as a counterexample while discussing the importance of academics at Notre Dame
  • The head coach of the Fighting Irish implied players at his alma mater aren’t subjected to the same type of rigor as guys in South Bend
  • Buckeyes fans were unsurprisingly less than thrilled with his comments

Notre Dame boasts one of the most storied programs in the history of college football, as the Fighting Irish are second only to Alabama when it comes to the schools that have won the most national championships since the AP Poll Era began in 1936.

Most Golden Domers still view the team as a perennial contender, and while that fanbase is certainly far from the only one that can be accused of clinging to glory days that are well in the past, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the Fighting Irish haven’t been able to secure a title since 1988.

If you’ve ever had the chance to discuss that particular drought with a Notre Dame fan, it’s a virtual certainty you heard them utter some variation of “academic standards” to explain why the team hasn’t been able to hang with bigger schools and programs in conferences with a reputation for Subpar Educational Criteria.

It’s the SEC. I’m talking about the SEC.

Fighting Irish head coach Marcus Freeman echoed that sentiment during a recent interview with CBS Sports, as the man who replaced Brian Kelly on the sidelines in South Bend had this to say when discussing how Notre Dame’s emphasis on education can make things a bit tricky when it comes to recruiting players and putting a roster together:

“You have to understand the value of that degree. If we’re bringing in people that can’t make it, then you’re doing that young man and our team a disservice. We’ve got to bring in the right kids…

“I’m not saying from top to bottom, but the majority of our kids, they—I want to say this the right way—are pushed to learn and their study habits are formulated every day. You can’t cheat academics at Notre Dame.”

Freeman went on to contrast his current program with others he’s previously been a part of—including Ohio State, which the former Buckeyes linebacker lumped in with Cincinnati while discussing schools that don’t take academics as seriously:

“You don’t go to class [at places like that]? OK, take some online classes, show up for your appointments.

At Notre Dame, you’re forced every day to go to class.”

It’s safe to assume Cardale Jones would disagree with the assertion that Ohio State players aren’t also forced to go to class, and while Freeman’s comments may have some merit, plenty of Buckeyes supporters weren’t exactly thrilled with his decision to use the school as an example.

Notre Dame and Ohio State will kick off their season against each other in Columbus on September 3rd, and that day cannot come soon enough.