Did Marshawn Lynch Laugh SO HARD When The Seattle Seahawks Lost The Super Bowl Or Is He Being Framed?


Nobody had more of a right to get angry about the Seattle Seahawks’ decision to throw the football late in Super Bowl XLIX than Marshawn Lynch.

But Lynch decided to react in a different way after Russell Wilson’s pass was intercepted by Malcolm Butler. And Taylor Swift would be proud at his ability to immediately shake it off.

You have to wonder what was going through his mind here. Or 15 seconds earlier in the huddle when he found out he wouldn’t be plunging into the end zone.

And you know what? We’ll never know because he doesn’t have any NFL-mandated appearances coming up.

UPDATE: There’s some debate whether this is actually from the moments following the game-sealing play. In this video you can see him smiling, but not laughing. Is someone setting Lynch up to look like a guy who laughs?  Would that be the lamest thing in the world? Stay tuned.

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