Mason Rudolph Fined $50,000 For Fight With Myles Garrett

mason rudolph fined

Getty Image / Jason Miller

The NFL acted fast after the wild brawl between Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph by suspending Garrett for the remainder of the regular season and playoffs. When the suspensions were handed out by the league, however, Mason Rudolph’s name wasn’t attached to any sort of punishment. Some people were shouting for something to happen to the quarterback and they’ve now gotten their wish.

It was reported last week that Rudolph was expected to receive some sort of fine and that figure was reported on Saturday afternoon; he’ll be hit with a $50,000 fine.

“Rudolph, in the second year of his rookie deal, has a base salary of $658,267, which means his weekly check is $38,721.59 according to ESPN. He has said that he’d accept any discipline from the NFL, but Rudolph can appeal to have the fine reduced under league rules if it is deemed “excessive when compared to the player’s expected earnings for the season in question.”

Earlier this week Garrett alleged that Rudolph called him a racial slur just prior to all hell breaking loose on the field. Garrett made that remark during his appeal hearing in New York earlier in the week.

The NFL later released a statement saying that the league looked into the matter and “found no such evidence” that Rudolph used a racial slur before the fight. The NFL and NFLPA also announced that they were denying Garrett’s appeal and upholding his indefinite suspension.

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