Max Kellerman Loses His Damn Mind And Says Kawhi Leonard Is More Clutch Than BOTH LeBron James And Kobe Bryant

ESPN's Max Kellerman shocks everyone by claiming Kawhi Leonard's more clutch than both LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

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Look, it’s Max Kellerman’s job to stir things up by saying random AF things on ESPN each and every day, but, sheesh, the dude sure does seem to push the envelope more times than not. Whether it’s pissing a bunch of people off by suggesting track & field is only a sport for failed athletes, or making things a little bit too awkward when talking about race with Terrell Owens, Kellerman sure doesn’t hold back from speaking his mind.

Like many people, though, not everything that Max says makes a whole lot of sense — and, during a recent conversation on First Take about NBA players and clutch moments, we got one of those memorable moments.

Deep in debate with Jay Williams and Domonique Foxworth about players like Kawhi Leonard, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, Max Kellerman completely goes off the rails, claiming that Leonard is more clutch than both LBJ and Kobe — who, by the way, have a combined eight titles between them, along with some of the most clutch performances in NBA history. Take a look at the video below; and pay close attention to Williams’ reaction when Kellerman even starts suggesting Leonard’s name.

Here’s the thing about all this: It’s Max Kellerman’s right to state his case for Leonard — who’s no slouch, having won two titles to this point in his career. But name one shot other than the unbelievable game-winner he hit in the 2019 NBA Playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers that was a “holy shit” moment. There really isn’t one.

Meanwhile, James literally carried the Cleveland Cavs to the 2018 NBA Finals — not to mention some of his clutch performances in the championship series’ prior — and Kobe Bryant’s resume speaks for itself when comparing all-time games and shots. It’s almost as if Kellerman just completely forgot about those two being all-time greats for a reason.

Once social media got word of Max Kellerman’s hot take, you better believe they let him have it. Just take a look below at what some people on Twitter had to say.

There’s no definitive way to actually gauge which player was more clutch, but, when comparing NBA greats, very few people even think about Kawhi Leonard in this conversation. For Max Kellerman to suggest Leonard is clutch is one thing. It’s another thing to put him ahead of James. But it’s absolutely disrespectful AF for him to claim Kawhi is more clutch than both James and Kobe Bryant — so, please, everyone facepalm at the simple notion that Kellerman thought this take would be wise to say on national TV.

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