A Mic’d Up Tom Brady Had Some Great Words For Alex Smith After Saturday’s Wild Card Game

Micd Up Tom Brady Spoke To Alex Smith After Saturdays Wild Card Game

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A mic’d up Tom Brady shared a great moment with fellow veteran quarterback Alex Smith after Saturday’s NFC Wild Card Game. He also had a very cool exchange with rising star Chase Young on Saturday after the Washington rookie said he was “coming” for Brady following the team’s win over Philadelphia the week before.

Smith, whose comeback to the playing field this season was nothing short of remarkable, didn’t get to play in Saturday’s game as he was nursing a calf injury, but Brady made sure to seek him out following the Bucs’ 31-23 victory.

When Brady caught up with Smith he told the 36-year-old signal caller, “Hey, I’m so f—ing proud of you, bro. You’re f—ing unbelievable, you know that? You are a f—ing inspiration to all of us. You’re unbelievable. Always here if you need me.”

“I appreciate that,” replied Smith. “Go get it.”

Brady and Chase Young also exchanged some friendly words during, as well as after the game.

“Hey, you know it’s all respect,” Young told Brady during the game.

“Oh, you too, baby, you too,” Brady responded.

“It’s all love. You know I love to play the game,” Young answered back.

“I know,” said Brady.

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Following the win, Brady met up with Young and told him, “Hey Chase. Way to play, bro.”

“I appreciate you,” Young replied. “You the real GOAT. I need something from you though. I need something from you though.”

“What do you need?” Brady inquired.

“I need this off you [referring to Brady’s jersey],” answered Young.

“I’ll get it to you. I’ll send it to you,” Brady told him.

As for Alex Smith and his future, he says he’s going to take a few weeks to think about it.

“I had so much fun this year, to be back in the locker room and on the field to play a game I love and to lose yourself in it is one of the great feelings in the world,” Smith said, according to ESPN. “My wife has been through a lot, my family has been through a lot, but that’s for another time and place.”

Regardless of what he decides to do, Brady was right, Smith is without a doubt an inspiration to all of us.