‘Power Slap’ Commentator Michael Bisping Took A Contestant Out Of Competition With This Slap

Power Slap commentator Michael Bisping

Getty Image / Mike Roach / Zuffa LLC

Dana White’s Power Slap airs its third episode this week and already the intrigue is high thanks to a clip from former UFC Middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Michael Bisping has joined Power Slap as a commentator. He appears to have played a role in the show seeing a massive boost in viewership week over week.

Power Slap saw a 40% jump in viewership from Week 1 to Week 2. And heading into Week 3 the intrigue is high after a viral clip of Power Slap commentator Michael Bisping.

Power Slap’s Michael Bisping Took A Contestant Out

This clip was uploaded to the UFC’s main channel. It shows Power Slap commentator Michael Bisping laying a Charmin Ultra Soft slap on contestant Jessie Nutting.

At no point did this seem like a slap that would sideline a contestant.

Alas, Michael Bisping went on the TMZ Sports YouTube channel to discuss how that second slap actually knocked the contestant out of the Power Slap competition.

Bisping told TMZ Sports “the guy involved, he says to me, ‘give me a little slap, Bisping. I did not give him a proper slap, but I gave him just a little mess around. Anyways, he was scheduled for the last slap contest of the day, if you will.”

That accurately describes what my eyes witnessed. But the story goes on…

Michael Bisping said “we’re commentating on the fights and we’re waiting for the last one to come out. And, then we’re waiting and we’re waiting and he doesn’t show up. Then the producer comes in and tells me, ‘Mike, apparently, the guy that you slapped, afterward, he started feeling all fuzzyheaded and blurry and he said that he can’t compete.'”

He added “‘the doctor looked at him and said that he’s totally fine.’ But, I don’t believe this. Controversy follows me wherever I go.”

Dana White’s Power Slap Gets Ratings Boost, Up 40 Percent In Week 2

In week 1, the debut of Power Slap was the 4th ranked show on Cable TV after averaging 295,000 viewers over the one-hour broadcast that started at 10 p.m. and received a .10 share in the 18-49 year old demographic.

In week 2, Power Slap gained nearly 130k viewers and average 413K viewers with a 0,13 share in the 18-49-year-old demographic.

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