The Internet Reacts To Michael Irvin Losing His Mind And Going On Insane Rant About The Dallas Cowboys On ‘First Take’

This morning First Take went live from Dallas before tonight’s Cowboys-Titans Monday Night Football game. Cowboys legend Michael Irvin was today’s guest on the show and as soon as he got on the air he went absolutely apeshit on Stephen A. Smith about the Dallas Cowboys.

Tonight, we’re going to see the dawn of a new day the beginning of a new age, and a time when the Cowboys will rightfully regain and take their proper spot among KINGS!!!!!

Dak Prescott put up the greatest rookie season EVER. And then last year without Ezekiel Elliott for six games, he had game missing playoffs. All of this rhetoric ya’ll singing out of your mouths like your Donna Summers or something is just noise. Dak Prescott is a big-time player.

The Internet had some jokes about Irvin going nuts and hyping up his Cowboys on First Take.