Michael Jordan Graced Us With One More Perfect Meme During The Final Episode Of ‘The Last Dance’

Michael Jordan Meme From The Final Episode Of The Last Dance


Much like when he retired for the second time following his second three-peat as an NBA champion, Michael Jordan has once again left us wanting more now that the final two episodes of The Last Dance are officially in the books.

Thankfully, the internet never forgets, which is why the classic Crying Jordan meme will live on forever.

Now the question becomes, will any of the at least four new Michael Jordan memes that were spawned during the 10 episodes of The Last Dance also have that kind of longevity?

First, we had the one that was sent into cyberspace by none other than MJ’s son Marcus.

Then we got one when Jordan cold-bloodedly laughed at Gary Payton thinking he could have guarded him.

After that came the meme that was created using Jordan’s reaction to Isiah Thomas trying to explain not shaking his hand after losing to the Bulls in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.

And now, thanks to then Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf giving his excuses for why he broke up a team that had just won three straight NBA championships and the year after Michael had won his fifth NBA MVP and sixth NBA Finals MVP, AND just won the scoring title (again), we have what may perhaps be the best new Michael Jordan meme yet.

Take it away, internet…

What a legacy, of memes, His Airness leaves behind. He truly is the GOAT.

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