Hear The Joke Aries Spears Cracked About Michael Sam On ESPN That Will Probably Bring Him A Ton Of Heat

Aries Spears Sportsnation


Aries Spears was a guest today on Sportsnation. The former MadTV star cracked wise on a load of topics and then turned his attention to openly gay NFL player Michael Sam.

That’s when the train came off the rails.

The comedian was sitting on a panel with Michelle Beadle and Marcellus Wiley when he brought up Sam — the first openly gay football player in the NFL. “I went out and got my first Michael Sam jersey,” Spears said … “It’s got 15 S’s on the back.”

Is it the funniest Michael Sam joke ever? Not even close. It is the most offensive? Hardly. Was it a dumb thing to say on a network that is SUPER SENSITIVE right now to saying anything bad about the NFL? Absolutely.

Spears hit Twitter after the showed wrapped to express his love for the program and to proclaim he’d probably never get asked back.


Eh, he’ll be fine. Worst he’ll get is a two game suspension. As long as he didn’t make the joke while smoking weed.

Watch the clip from the show here.