Mike Francesa Made a Yuge, YUGE Threat Today

It all started when the New York Daily News—which has favorably covered the Twitter account before—printed a Tweet from @MikeFrancesaNY in the paper yesterday. They didn't mention that it came from a parody, even though anyone in on the joke probably could have known: “Da Jets won. Heah I go tellin youah why dey shoulda lawst. Tomorrow I will explain why da Giants could have won even though deyll lose by 20.” Francesa got pissed, and he said he's ready to unmask the two white-collar businessmen who Tweet. Even though he's mad at the Daily News, but whatever.

Francesa is on fire. Over the past week, he spilled his Diet Coke, yelled at Jimmy from the Rockaways, and called out the six-year-old Sunday Night Football song on its bullshit. Da most exciting man in da media right no-aw.

[H/T: Jimmy Traina]