Entire Minnesota Twins’ Lineup Is Paying The Ultimate Sign Of Respect To Prince During Tonight’s Game

Following the death of legendary musician Prince last week, there are various ways that athletes and entertainers have paid tribute. From supportive tweets to near-impossible to believe stories, the rocker seemed to leave a legacy that influenced millions.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Prince’s hometown Twins will be playing their first game at home since his death, so the entire lineup figured they’d honor him by using one of his songs as walk-up music during tonight’s matchup versus the Cleveland Indians.

Simply known as “Prince Tribute Night,” it’s sure to be an emotional night for both the players and fans, especially since the team has done various forms of salutes since the sad news of the musician’s passing.

Classy move in remembrance of one of their hometown heroes, so good work, Twinkies.

[H/T The Score]

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