MMA Fighter Shoots His Shot With Liv Morgan After Win

WWE star Liv Morgan

Getty Image / Jamie McCarthy

All eyes in the MMA world were on UFC 286 this weekend.

It turns out there may have been another event that fans should have been paying closer attention to.

On Friday, PFL held a Challengers Series event that featured some promising prospects.

One of those prospects was undefeated heavyweight Denzel Freeman.

Freeman needed just 27 seconds to finish Raiden Kovacs in his first fight with PFL.

Usually when a fighter gets a big win, you expect to hear them call out another fighter for their next fight, or in PFL you would expect to hear them calling for a shot at the next million dollar tournament in the organization.

Freeman decided to use his time a bit differently. After paying tribute to former UFC fighter Anthony Johnson, who passed away in November, he used the rest of his time speaking to Sean O’Connell to try and get himself a date.

He decided to shoot his shot with WWE star Liv Morgan, saying, “If Liv Morgan is listening, I’m trying to take you out on a date, girl.”

Freeman’s efforts even got him a retweet from Morgan later in the day.

This isn’t the first time we’ve ever seen a fighter shoot their shot with a celebrity in their post-fight interview,

2 years ago, Julian Marquez celebrated a win in the UFC by asking Miley Cyrus to be his valentine.

She said yes, but with one stipulation. He just had to shave her initials into his chest hair.

That’s when Marquez blew his chance. Marquez responded with a request of his own. He wanted her to get a henna tattoo of his nickname on her stomach.

Her next Instagram post appeared to indicate that he had blown it with that request.

Hopeyfully Freeman handles this better than Marquez if he hears back from Morgan.