Molly Qerim’s Face As Stephen A. Smith Went Off On Another Screaming Rant Was Absolutely Priceless

Molly Qerim Makes Face As Stephen A Smith Has Another Screaming Rant

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Molly Qerim, the moderator of ESPN’s First Take, has one of the more difficult jobs in sports broadcasting. Having to sit there hour after hour as Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman spew one bad hot take after another while keeping a straight face cannot be easy.

As we have seen on rare occasions in the past, she doesn’t alway succeed.

I mean, how many times can you just sit there quietly while Stephen A. spouts off complete and utter nonsense about the NFL and the NBA before losing it?

On Tuesday, Qerim was once again caught in the crossfire of stupidity that is Smith and Kellerman as they tried to out-shout one another about whether or not Carson Wentz is a good leader or not. (He’s not.)

As First Take viewers reached for the volume to turn down the ever-increasing loudness of Smith and Kellerman, Qerim looked at the camera with what can only be described as an exasperated look.

Watch (and turn down your volume)…

Here’s a zoomed in version of Qerim’s “I can’t believe I am listening to these two grown men yelling” face.

As one might expect, many who noticed Qerim’s reaction to the screaming match was most certainly there for it.

And that, folks, is how one becomes the highest paid person at ESPN.