Stephen A. Smith Had The Most Absurd Explanation For The Warriors’ Going On A 18-0 Run In Game 2

Stephen A Smith Had An Absurd Explanation For Warriors Game 2 Run

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At this point it’s actually become more unusual for Stephen A. Smith to receive praise for his insights than it is for him to receive ridicule for his amazing lack of sports knowledge.

Smith’s latest misinformed sports rant took place when he tried to blame Toronto Raptors fans for the Warriors going on a 18-0 run at the beginning of the third quarter of Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

“That second half when the Warriors went on an 18-0 run… the arena was half full. People were in the concession stands. We were at the game. This is the NBA Finals. This is a great city, with great fans, but those first few minutes when the Toronto Raptors were the victims of Golden State’s 18-0 run, half the damn fans in the arena were at the concession stands,” blamed Smith. “That’s inexcusable!”

So, by Stephen A.’s logic, it wasn’t the Warriors superior shooting ability, or their stepping up on D, or the Raptors clanking their shots, that led to Golden State’s 18-0 run, it was the fans being slow to return to their seats after waiting in long lines to grab some food and beverages for the second half.

Is that why Drake looked so sad and angry Sunday night? He was upset with all the other Raptors fans?

How much is ESPN paying Stephen A. Smith again?