Stephen A. Smith Has Officially Outdone Himself With This Hilariously Over-The-Top Rant About Joel Embiid

stephen a smith joel embiid rant


We recently learned that Stephen A. Smith is slated to become the highest-paid personality at ESPN, which is incredibly impressive when you consider he gets showered in cash to talk about sports while having an almost laughable lack of knowledge about the world of athletics.

A couple of months ago, I proposed we ban Smith from talking about football for the remainder of his days after a series of gaffes ranging from the time he forgot Kareem Hunt was in exile, also forgot Drew Brees exists, and just absolutely butchered the analysis of a Chargers-Chiefs game.

In fairness, Stephen A. has always fancied himself a basketball guy, which certainly doesn’t excuse his impressive ignorance. However, he seems to be right more often than not when it comes to analyzing the sport and manages to be pretty entertaining while doing so.

As we hilariously learned last month, Joel Embiid hasn’t exactly been in the best shape over the course of this year’s playoffs thanks to an illness that’s been plaguing him for a while now.

Prior to game four of his series against the Raptors, the star informed the 76ers that he’d be a game-time decision as he continues to fight what appears to be the flu.

The announcement came just nine hours before tipoff—a fact that Smith was decidedly not happy about based on the hilarious rant he went on during his radio show on Monday where we learned he’s a big fan of massages and pedicures.

Never change, Stephen A. Never change.