Fed Up Mets Mascot ‘Mr. Met’ Flips Off Obnoxious Fans At Citi Field While Leaving Game

by 11 months ago

Mr. Met is fed up with annoying NY Mets fans. After the NY Mets lost tonight’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers at home, the team’s mascot was getting yelled at while walking into the tunnel. Mr. Met had enough and decided to flip the bird to the obnoxious fans on his way out.

Being a team mascot must be one of the worst jobs in the world especially when you have to deal with douchebag fans of a mediocre team night in and night out. I wonder how long Mr. Met has wanted to flip off drunk fans after games. Unfortunately for this dude he’s probably going to get fired despite probably deserving a medal for not ever beating the shit out of heckling Mets fans.

Hold your head high Mr.Met, there are better jobs than having to be a punching bag for a shitty team.

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