Myles Garrett Gets Dragged By Twitter For Suggesting His Cleveland Browns Can Win 8-Straight Games To Finish 10-6

Myles Garrett is getting lit up by Twitter for suggesting he thinks the Browns will finish 10-6

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Myles Garrett isn’t only one of the most dominant defenders in the NFL, but, after what the Cleveland Browns Pro Bowler said today, he appears to be one of the more optimistic players in the league, too. While that’s never a bad thing, it’s what Garrett was optimistic about that had people laughing at him on social media today.

That’s because Myles Garrett suggested that his Browns could finish on an eight-game winning streak and a 10-6 record β€” which seems laughable right now because, well, the entire season has been embarrassing AF for the franchise. From failing to reach the high expectations put on the team, to Baker Mayfield clearly in his own head (and feelings) after playing like crap, to the head coach, Freddie Kitchens, clearly looking overmatched, Garrett’s suggestion let plenty of people to laugh at him.

First, here’s what Garrett had to say: which is plain and pretty simple.

Obviously, you can’t fault Myles Garrett for saying what he did β€” I mean, what else should he say? β€” but the fact that it’s coming in the midst of a four-game losing streak, and when the season seems all but lost, it had people really digging at the talented defensive end.

While Garrett may be showing faith in his guys, not too many on Twitter shared the feeling. Just take a look at what social media had to say.

The Cleveland Browns β€” who are my hometown team β€” have been a disappointment for the past 20 years, guys. So while it’s nice to see some life and positive vibes from a player like Myles Garrett β€” who once said the Browns are destined to “become the Golden State Warriors of the NFL” β€” the fact that they continue to talk without any production makes this whole optimism a little moot. As some on Twitter suggested, it might be best to, you know, win one game first before talking about finishing the season on an eight-game winning streak.

Here’s a bold prediction as a Browns fan, though: The team actually does finish either 10-6 or 9-7 and still misses the playoffs; yeah, that’s a very Browns thing to have happen.

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