The Nashville Predators Are Now Selling NFTs Just A Month After The NFT Market Dropped 90%

Nashville Predators NFTs

Getty Image / Ethan Miller

  • The Nashville Predators just debuted 25 limited-run NFTs for fans including a $150 ‘Gold Saber Skull’
  • This comes just a month after the NFL ‘Bubble Burst’ and the NFT market collapsed by 90% but hey, they’re selling ’em anyway!
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The NFL bubble burst. I don’t even care if this results in angry NFT collectors in my mentions arguing about how NFTs are great. They’re not. The market knows this. Of course, this means now is the perfect time for the PReds to launch some exclusive NFTs!

The Nashville Predators announced their exclusive NFTs in partnership with Fanaply. This limited-run collection of 25 NFTs was built using Ethereum blockchain technology. And they are available for purchase (and trading) now on Fanaply, one of the first NFT creators in the game.

Nashville’s Chief Marketing Officer Bill Wicket says “Our fans have been asking us to enter the digital collectibles realm for quite some time.” He said it so I’ll believe him. But if I was in a meeting and someone told me something like that I’d ask to see the receipts.

Call me old-fashioned, but when it comes to hockey I like jerseys, hats, scarves, souvenir pucks. But I guess digital art is something someone somewhere is interested in as well:

Nashville, Tenn. (July 20, 2021) – The Nashville Predators, in partnership with leading digital collectible creator Fanaply, today launched their first series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This limited run of 25 NFTs, entitled “The Origin Series,” is available at, with the one-of-a-kind, No. 1 of 1 “Gold Saber Skull – Genesis Edition” up for live auction through July 30 packaged with two Lexus Lounge tickets to the Bridgestone Arena event of the buyer’s choosing and 25 individually numbered “Gold Saber Skull” NFTs available for purchase now for $150.

You can view the collection by following those links above.

NFT’s peaked on May 3rd when $102 million in sales happened on a single day. Flash forward to the start of June and only $19.4 million was sold in an entire week and the entire NFT market had collapsed by 90%. June 1st was the day the NFT market began collapsing. It has rebounded some but the bubble burst. The hype has subsided. All of that information is available on for you to check if you don’t believe me.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s A TON of money that is still exchanging hands but the hype has passed and anyone who thinks otherwise is ignoring the numbers.