Questionable Rams-Saints Play Was Recreated In ‘Madden’ And The Refs Weren’t As Blind This Time

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The NFC Championship Game between the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints was one of those all-time solid playoff games, with lead changes back and forth, big plays at a minimum and fans on the edge of their seats. To be blunt, it was everything football fans want in a conference title game that decides who gets to play in the Super Bowl. Only problem? That whole questionable pass interference call that refs didn’t throw the flag on.

Sure, there were other plays refs may have missed — like a facemask around the goal line on Rams QB Jared Goff and, possibly, another pass interference call against the Rams on a Drew Brees interception during the overtime period. But, the one that everyone has been talking about since the Rams ended up punching their ticket to Super Bowl LIII is the play around the goal line towards the end of regulation that may have iced the game for the Saints and sent them to the Super Bowl.

While there are conspiracy theories, petitions, billboards reminding everyone that the Saints got screwed and even a f*cking lawsuit, there’s not a very good chance that anything can be done about the outcome. Hey, that’s life.

But what we can do is complain and laugh at how terrible the missed call in the NFC Championship Game really was, and one of the best ways to do that is to recreate the scenario on a video game like Madden — which someone did to perfection, sharing the result with the Internet. Take a look below.

While the real refs who saw the most obvious pass interference call in NFL history didn’t throw a flag, a video game like Madden — which doesn’t exactly know the real-life situation — had its little digital referees call the penalty. I’ve got a feeling Saints fans will be pissed to see this, but, hey, it’s not going to change a damn thing about the real NFC Championship Game.

Maybe this just means we need to use technology over human beings in NFL games from now on, because, as much as it sucks to have a crappy holding call against your offensive lineman in Madden that’s not your fault, it kind of sucks more when your favorite team gets f*cked in real life by refs for not using their judgement properly.

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