NFL Kicker Evan McPherson Reveals Brilliant Plan To Steal The Only Good Part About Baseball

Evan McPherson's Plan To Steal The Only Good Part About Baseball

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The Cincinnati Bengals struck gold in acquiring Evan McPherson as he has quickly become one of the best young kickers in the league. He’s taken social media by storm after remaining on the field to watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Now he has come up with a brilliant idea to steal the only good part about baseball and bring it to the NFL.

Evan McPherson Wants Walkout Songs For NFL Kickers

Baseball fans have fallen in love with Edwin Díaz as his walkout song is absolutely electric. The trumpets are perfect and it gets New York Mets fans hyped up to watch their closing pitcher win the game for the team. Evan McPherson thinks the same should be brought to the football field. Especially considering NFL kickers are routinely asked to enter the game in high-pressure situations.

Could you imagine an NFL stadium of thousands of fans getting pumped up from a walkout song as the kicker trots onto the field to hit a 50-yard game-winner? Just seeing what it does for baseball fans, Roger Goodell should highly consider bringing it to the football field. This is the most genius idea ever as it would hype up football fans everywhere.

This is all speculation but it’s at least fun to think about. The NFL has earned the nickname “The No Fun League” for a reason. However, the league has changed its tune in recent years. Especially once they eased up on the touchdown celebration rules. Even so, the Bengals kicker has a great idea and a great song choice.

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