The Tennessee Titans Had The Most Hilarious NFL Schedule Reveal Video Of All Time

Titans logo

Thursday Night was the NFL schedule reveal. Fans of America’s most popular league now know when and where their favorite teams will play.

It wasn’t that long ago where this was just something that was announced in newspapers across the country. But now, the NFL Schedule Reveal is a huge deal that involves a prime-time spot on NFL Network, and teams pouring in resources into elaborate reveal videos on their social media.

Here are some from around the league this year.

But, the one that is setting social media on fire like no NFL schedule reveal ever before is the Tennessee Titans video. They went out into Nasvhille and found people who know absolutely nothing about the NFL to reveal their schedule only using team logos. It is downright hilarious.

Now that’s funny. The best part is how multiple people were confident the Indianapolis Colts were the Dallas Cowboys. In just three hours, the video already had over 8 million views on Twitter.