NY Mets Twitter Account Absolutely Destroys Random Fan Who Was Trying To Get A Girl To Text Him

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In 2018 every professional sports team understands that they need a funny, witty social media manager running their social media accounts to keep fans engagd. The guy who runs the Mets Twitter account is very good at what he does and probably deserves a raise for consistently being hilarious.

During yesterday’s rain delay between the Mets and the Braves, the Mets Twitter guy absolutely destroyed a random dude on Twitter who was just trying to get a girl to text him.

Here’s Kaitlyn, a random Mets fan who was pretty bummed out about yesterday’s rain delay.

And here’s Tyler, Kaitlyn’s guy friend who only wanted her to text him back.

That’s when the Mets decided to mess with Tyler.

Tyler eventually fired back only to get put in a body bag by the Mets Twitter guy.

As for the Mets, they split a day/night double-header against the Braves and were able to get a much-needed win after the delay to end a brutal four-game losing steak. While the Mets continue to stink it up on the field this season at least fans have a fun social media account that makes following the team a little less painful.

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