OJ Simpson Says The Cowboys Need To Get A New Coach, Makes Dad Jokes At Their Expense

OJ Simpson Says Its Time For The Dallas Cowboys To Get A New Coach

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  • In case anyone was wondering, OJ Simpson thinks it is time for Dallas to “try a different type of coach.”
  • The Juice even piled on the Cowboys’ suffering by making a few dad jokes at their expense.
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“Hey Twitter world, it’s me, yours truly,” OJ Simpson began his latest monologue, as he always does, in which he dispenses his advice for life, and football.

On Monday, The Juice decided he wanted to weigh on the sports world’s favorite punching bags: the Dallas Cowboys.

“Alright, all morning it’s the Cowboys,” Simpson begins. “It seems to me like, enough with the Cowboys. C’mon!

“The game shouldn’t even have been close if it wasn’t for some 49ers’ miscues in the fourth quarter.”

Juice says if it weren’t for Jimmy Garoppolo throwing a pick “at the worst possible time” (as opposed to a good time to throw an interception in a playoff game) and snapping the ball before his lineman was set, the Niners “would have ran away with the football game.”

OJ also says that he believes that with a day to reflect he is sure that Dak Prescott will apologize to the officials. (He won’t.)

“They. Were. Right,” emphasized The Juice.

“Seems like they need a new coach,” he then added, referring to Dallas. “I got a suggestion. Go get Flores! The guy who just left Miami.

“He had some, I guess, people problems in Miami.” The Juice knows all about “people problems.”

“He’s a winning coach!” OJ added. “In Dallas, he won’t have to worry about personnel and people. Jerry Jones has done a great job bringing personnel in there. (He hasn’t.)

“All he has to do is coach the football team. And I guarantee you, he will make them a much tougher football, uh, team,” OJ continued, making another vow that he won’t fulfill.

Simpson then went on to talk about how great his Buffalo Bills are after their shellacking of the New England Patriots on Saturday.

The Juice then quickly went back and sideswiped the Cowboys one more time, noting that Mark Sanchez, Jake Delhomme, and Brad Johnson have more playoff wins over the last 25 years that Dallas does.

“Why are we talking about the Cowboys?!” Simpson shouted.


Then, just to rub more salt in the Cowboys’ wounds, OJ said there is a new flavor of Doritos with a picture of Dak Prescott on the bag and it’s called “nacho year.”

He’s just sayin’, guys…

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As always, the comments on The Juice’s video are where the real gold can be found.

How many times does he have to tell you? He’s working on it!

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