Olivia Munn And Danica Patrick Both Talked About Dating Aaron Rodgers This Week On SiriusXM

by 9 months ago
Olivia Munn Danica Patrick Aaron Rodgers

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Olivia Munn and Danica Patrick both made appearances on a SiriusXM show this week and go figure, both of them talked about dating Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Appearing on Andy Cohen Live with Andy Cohen this week, Olivia Munn, whose relationship with Rodgers ended over a year ago, yet again discussed her relationship with her ex and the family drama that came along with dating him.

According to Munn, Aaron and his family were already at odds months before she began dating him.

“I met one brother (Jordan). I was friendly with Jordan. I met the parents only a couple times,” Munn told Cohen. “Before he and I started dating, he hadn’t spoken the parents and one brother for like eight months before we started dating.”

She also claims that rather than being an instigator in the rift, she was actually trying to get Rodgers to reconcile with his family.

“On my last day when I was filming The Newsroom, I spent the day in my trailer just encouraging him to, like, have an honest conversation with your parents,” said Munn.

She also believes that Rodgers and his family don’t get along because of jealousy, not that Aaron is without blame.

“There’s a lot of complications. I don’t think either side of the road is clean,” theorized Munn. “It’s not okay when you try to stand on someone’s shoulders and try to throw dirt in their face, which is what I think they did with him.”

Munn and Cohen also spent some time discussing gay athletes and the NFL, for some reason.

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