New Report Seems Like Bad News For The Pac 12’s New Media Deal

PAC 12

Getty Image / Brian Rothmuller

The last twelve months have not been good for the PAC 12 Conference. The value of the conference has decreased tremendously in that time span, and it seems like a matter of when, not if, the conference splits.

But, the league is trying to hang on under the direction of commissioner George Kliavkoff. He had a big job to due after blunders by former commissioner Larry Scott and other high-ranking leaders of the conference.

The PAC 12 Network has been a complete disaster, and to this day it’s still not available on some of the biggest television providers like DirecTV. And, the lack of revenue and viewership stemming from PAC 12 Network was one of the biggest factors in conference crown jewels UCLA and USC leaving to go to the Big 10. They will start competing in 2024.

This significantly kneecapped them in television negotiations, especially after the Big Ten and SEC signed deals that completely reshaped the college sports media market.

The league has been linked with streaming services like Apple and Amazon, as a deal is starting to form.

But, a tweet by CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd threw cold water on the hopes of PAC 12 fans who hoped they could get a competitive deal with some of the other leagues.

That sounds bad for the PAC 12 and their future finances. If they’re going to get less than the meager sum that was previously reported, there’s no spinning that as positive.

Garrett Carr
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