Packers Fans Are Freaking Out Because They Believe J.J. Watt Is On A Private Plane Headed To Green Bay

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We’re at the point of the NFL offseason where fans are tracking planes that may or may not be carrying potential free agents for team visits.

Last week, JJ Watt announced that he and the Texans were parting ways. Since then nearly a dozen teams have reportedly shown interest in acquiring the veteran defensive end.

According to ESPN’s Dan Grazian, the Green Bay Packers are the current favorites to land Watt this offseason because he’s from Wisconsin and the team can probably afford him.

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“A lot of teams called but he’ll narrow down the list,” Graziano said. “The first place your mind goes, and the first place JJ Watt’s mind goes is to Pittsburgh where both of his brothers play. TJ is obviously the star pass rusher for the Steelers and Derek Watt plays fullback for them, so the idea of playing with both of his brothers obviously is intriguing for JJ Watt. There’s no question about it. His priority, I’m told, is that he wants to go somewhere to win. And obviously Pittsburgh is considered a winning organization, has been for a long time.

“But with that salary cap, they may not be able to afford him. The second place your mind goes is to Green Bay because JJ Watt is from Wisconsin. Green Bay is a team that’s won 13 games each of the last two years, played in two-straight NFC Championship games.

“Those are the two most prominent possibilities at this point for JJ Watt, with Green Bay probably having the edge for financial reasons.”

On Wednesday, Packers fans were convinced Watt was on a private plane headed to Green Bay.

Packers seem pretty jazzed about tracking Watt’s whereabouts.

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