Pat McAfee Has A Unique Idea To Solve The NFL Overtime Problem, And It’s So Crazy It Just Might Be Worth Trying

Pat McAfee offers up unique idea to solve NFL overtime problem, and it's so crazy it might be worth trying

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Pat McAfee is all about having fun. Anyone who knows anything about the former NFL punter and current sports analyst knows that, as the guy never holds back on spilling his thoughts on every topic. While McAfee sure knows how to have a good time, unfortunately, the NFL still does not.

Sure the league did implement a rule a couple of years ago that allowed players to express themselves a little bit more once they scored a touchdown — which has given some incredibly rehearsed and all-time team celebrations — but, for far too long, the NFL continues to refuse to innovate some rules. One of the many rules that the league seriously needs to look at revising is the NFL overtime rule, which, in its current state, is still heavily flawed.

Look no further than the recent NFC Wild Card matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings, which saw the Vikes march the ball down the field on the only possession of the extra frame, score a questionable touchdown and walk-off the gridiron victoriously. Why the Saints didn’t at least get a chance to respond is just stupid.

Well, with NFL overtime rules being outdated, here’s where Pat McAfee steps in to become the hero all football fans need, because, during a segment on ESPN’s Get Up the other day, the former punter proposed a unique suggestion that would make the extra period entertaining AF from start to finish, while giving fans an interesting twist at the end — which would put heavy emphasis on having a reliable kicker. Take a look below at what McAfee had to say.

Go ahead and call Pat McAfee crazy if you want to, but, damn, how fun does all that sound? It already incorporates the current NFL overtime rule — an extra 10-minute period — but brings in backyard football kind of plays like sudden-death, before handing over the fate of the game to kickers. This would be like an All-Star Game event every NFL overtime game, so can the powers that be at least give this some serious thought?

In a week where we just found out awesome rules that the XFL will be implementing — which includes double-forward passes and three-point conversions — it’s time for the NFL to lose that whole “No Fun League” moniker by thinking like Pat McAfee does. The time is now, so let’s get rid of these current boring (and unfair) NFL overtime rules once and for all.