Pat McAfee Posts Training Video For Upcoming Match With Adam Cole And Did Anyone Know He Could Moonsault?

Pat McAfee training

Twitter / @PatMcAfee Show

Pat McAfee is training for his upcoming match against Adam Cole at “NXT TakeOver: XXX” and wants to show the world he’s taking it incredibly seriously.

Just how serious? The podcast host and former Pro Bowl punter is doing top rope moonsaults and sentons like he’s a 5’8″ luchador.

McAfee writes in the caption to the video:

Hey @AdamColePro… You got 12 days to figure out how you’re gonna explain to the “wrestling community” how you lost to an “outsider”. There’s levels to this #NXT

Did anyone else know McAfee could jump that high? The guy does a running leap onto the top rope like with ease.

The McAfee/Cole feud has been simmering for years but heated up recently after McAfee called Cole “kind of small” during an interview on “The Pat McAfee Show” and then showed up to an NXT show and punted Cole into the endzone.

McAfee ends the training session by letting Cole know he’s going to “eat him for breakfast” on Saturday, August 22.

[via Pro Wrestling Sheet]