Patrick Kane’s Attorney Held A Press Conference With A ’40 Years Of Hustler’ Coffee Mug On His Shelf


Debby Wong — Shutterstock

The rape accusation against Patrick Kane took a nasty turn today when the mother of the accuser found an evidence bag which once contained her daughter’s rape kit on her doorstep. From the Chicago Tribune:

An attorney for the woman who has accused Blackhawks star Patrick Kane of sexual assault claimed the police evidence bag that once contained the accuser’s rape kit showed up on her mother’s doorstep, an explosive allegation that could taint the ongoing investigation.

Criminal defense attorney Thomas J. Eoannou said the accuser’s mother noticed the empty brown bag on her doorstep when she returned home from work around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. At a news conference in Buffalo, he provided a photograph of the purported bag, which contained the accuser’s name as well as the initials of the nurse who performed the evidence collection at the hospital in Erie County.

Jesus. No one is exactly sure why it was there, but the leading sentiment is that the intent was to bully the accuser (there have been talks of a settlement).

In response, Kane’s attorney held a press conference where he stated this wasn’t a big deal (it clearly is). On the shelf behind him the whole time? This (noticed by Penguins’ beat reporter Seth Rorabaugh):


Nothing wrong with owning some nudie mag paraphernalia, but maybe showcasing your support for one of America’s grimiest smut rags is not the best look when you are defending someone accused of rape.