Penn State Got Roasted For A Tweet About Having Players In ‘Every’ Super Bowl After People Read The Fine Print



You have to feel bad for the social media coordinator for the Penn State Nittany Lions who fired off this tweet late Thursday night. I would assume that whoever fired off this tweet was like ‘hey, guys, don’t you think everyone’s going to read the fine print and be confused?’ but was told to hit ‘send’ anyway. It’s either that or someone was foolish enough to think that nobody would read the fine print down below and sent this out thinking ‘yuuuuuup, this is it.’

Alas, people can read. I know! What a crazy world we live in where people are actually reading what’s printed in a tweet and not just skimming by. The tweet reads ‘A Penn Starter Has Appeared In EVERY SUPER BOWL’ in huge letters and then ‘except for five since 1967’ in tiny print down below.

I personally think this would’ve been a much more impactful tweet if they listed out the name of every Super Bowl a PSU starter has played in. That would’ve looked badass. Seeing the logo or name of all but five Super Bowls since 1967 laid out in a picture. But they went with ‘except for…’ and hoped nobody would notice.

Here’s the Tweet:

Penn State / Twitter

The first response is probably my favorite. The New Hampshire Fisher Cats wasted zero time clapping back:

UPDATE: this is now the best response:

Again. They could’ve listed out every Super Bowl a PSU alum played in and it would’ve been a pretty impactful tweet. Instead, they’re getting roasted for the fine print.

The same can be said about my elderly Bernese Mountain Dog. Perfectly trained except for the 5x a week she has accidents now.

Excellent point here. So many people saw this before it was allowed to be shared. There were so many opportunities to stop this from happening.


I guess Penn State’s now in The Endgame?

This one hit me right in the funnies. I don’t know why but this one’s my favorite for some reason.

Excellent point here.

The reactions really are spot on. I’m not adding a whole lot to the conversation here. Penn State Football is rightful to be incredibly proud about how many Super Bowls their former players have been featured in. But presenting it like this just opened them up to getting roasted by everyone on Twitter. They really should’ve gone back to the drawing board before firing off this tweet.