People Are Actually Butthurt About The U.S. Celebrating Every Goal In Their Historic 13-0 Rout Against Thailand In The World Cup

Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images

The United States Women’s National Team going full heel could be the greatest thing in American soccer since Brandi Chastain flashed the world. This U.S. Soccer Federation has spent billions on the development of the sport in this country, only to have field a men’s team that couldn’t beat the Big Green.

Welp, the American women are doing their part after dismantling Thailand to the tune of 13-0 in Group F on Tuesday in Reims, France. For perspective, the 13 goals is more than the U.S. men’s team has in the past three World Cups. It was the most goals scored by a single side in Women’s World Cup history AND the largest margin of victory in that tournament’s history.

Watch them all here.


The historic victory was met with more disgust than praise, as soccer talking heads did not appreciate the Americans celebrating every goal in a tournament they’ve spent their entire lives dreaming of and training for.

Canadian national team members Clare Rustad and Kaylyn Kyle were some of the harshest critics of USWNT, calling their celebrations, “classless.” Meanwhile, Canadians are cheering for Durant’s injury and screaming about “f*cking Ayesha Curry in the p*ssy” on live television.

It also should be noted that after the game, the entire American team demonstrated sportsmanship by embracing the Thai players.

After the match, Megan Rapinoe addressed the controversy.

“Honestly, if anyone wants to come at our team for not doing the right thing, not playing the right way, not being the right ambassador, they can come at us,” Rapinoe said. “I think our only crime was an explosion of joy last night. We’ve been pretty pent up, as well. We’ve had kind of a heavy lead-up, obviously everything off the field… So, if our crime is joy, then we’ll take that.”

I would become a USWNT soccer fan for eternity if after their next win they plant an American flag at midfield, Baker Mayfield style.