Peyton Manning Talked About What He Loves And Hates The Most About Fantasy Football Fans

by 2 years ago
Peyton Manning

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Peyton Manning was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night where he talked about life after the NFL (below), and he revealed what he loves and hates the most about Fantasy Football fans. He starts by admitting that Fantasy Football is great for the game. Anything that increases interest in the NFL is great for the game of football. But, the interests of Fantasy Football fans typically don’t align with the reality of a team trying to win a Super Bowl:

Peyton Manning went on to talk about how he most likes the diehard fans who aren’t going to switch the channel to another game just because they don’t have a fantasy football player on the field. Peyton’s favorite fans are the ones out there for the team, and not for fantasy football points. I think it’s pretty easy to see why any NFL player would feel this way. You’d rather be judged by helping your team win a game than having some pissant in the airport call you out for the garbage time interception.

After that clip above, Peyton went on to discuss life after the NFL. He won the ‘perfect attendance’ award at his local gym, and he talked about how he joined a gym to get out of the house…They also joked about how Peyton misses showering with teammates:

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