Douchebag Phillies Fan Shamelessly Steals A Home Run Ball From A 63-Year-Old Lady In The Outfield

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I’m a shameless Phillies fan. I’ve heard all the stereotypes. Sadly, sometimes they’re true, as you can see unfold in this video.

Yesterday afternoon Maikel Franco hit his first-career home run with the Phillies at Citizen’s Bank Park. The ball soared over the left field fence right in-front of Joyce Murphy Kiner, a sweetheart 63-year-old Phillies fan from South Jersey. Even though she was in the clear to scoop up the home run souvenir, an asshole charged out of the blue to grab in for himself.

What a dick.

Here’s the thing: People are dicks EVERYWHERE, but when people are dicks in a Philadelphia sports team outfit, it makes national news. Sad, but true.

The Diamondback’s announcing team seized the opportunity to hook her up with a free shirt. This morning Joyce went on Philly sports radio to describe the incident, calling the man “a dog.” via

“He came over from the section to the left of me,” said Kiner, a National Park resident. “I had the ball in my hand.”

“He pushed my hand out of the way,” she said, describing his move as a body check.

At 4-feet-10, Kiner was no match for the brute.

As he walked off with the ball, Kiner recalls saying to him, “I can’t believe that, you dog.” He pretended not to hear.

There is a silver-lining, fortunately: 97.5 The Fan is hooking her up with front-row Phillies tickets and a gift from a local jeweler. It’s just too damn bad her husband wasn’t there to box out this asshole:

Kiner attended the game with her husband, Dan. They decided to go at the last minute, getting the tickets from a cousin who is a season-ticket holder. Dan was heading back from the concession stand when Franco homered. At 6-foot-5, things likely would have turned out differently if he had been at his seat.

“Had I been there, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would have caught the ball,” Dan said.

He also reflected on what he would have done next. “I would have given it back,” he said, noting that it belongs to Franco, since it was his first major league homer. “He’s the only one that should have the ball.”


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