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Pit Viper Partners With New England Patriots And Hosts Ridiculous Tailgate At Pats vs. Buccs Game

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A few months ago, Pit Viper stunned the world by taking a step out of the extreme sports realm, which they traditionally dominated, and entering into partnerships with teams from America’s favorite sports league.

If your memory is a bit foggy, here’s a refresher — Pit Viper was living it up on the beaches of Miami with the Dolphins, in addition to a truly presidential partnership with the Washington Football Team. And now, they’re expanding the party by partnering with the New England Patriots!

Last Sunday, thousands of masochistic Patriots fans shuffled into Gillette Stadium like sheep to slaughter to witness their ex—thriving and happy—fornicate with their new partner on the bed they built together 20 years and six Super Bowls ago.

A doinked field goal spoiled an unlikely upset, and dejected, beer-bloated Pats fans sauntered out into the parking lot collectively mumbling “Believe in Belichick,” as if to convince themselves of it.

While vindication for Brady leaving for a shinier toy bounced off the left upright, all was not lost for 600+ fans who drained their 401k’s to lose in the pouring rain.

In conjunction with their partnership with the New England Patriots, the fine and generous folks at Pit Viper hosted a raucous tailgate that resulted in thousands of dollars in sunglass giveaways.


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Pit Viper, a brand whose charity initiatives have been shaking the culture in recent months, managed to entice all the Gronkowski family members not playing in the game Sunday to party with them at the tailgate, even helping facilitate the four competitions that rewarded winners with free Pit Viper shades.

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Competition 1: Fans earned free Pit Vipers by confessing their true feelings to Brady or Gronk after they left New England for sunnier skies.

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As a man from the 617 who bleeds Dunkin’, I felt this in my bones.

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High school letterman sweatshirts are 1 of 1 items. There is no statute of limitations on asking for them back. Hear that Becky Jacobson? Please respond to my Facebook message. It’s been 9 years.

Competition 2: Breaking the Pit Viper Sound Barrier by screaming into a decibel reader.

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Now I know what you’re thinking: Did they steal that from my wife’s bedside drawer?

Get your mind out of the gutter, that is in fact a decibel reader, and fans were gifted free Pit Vipers just for screaming into the microphone.

Weird, when I take a break from my cubicle to scream in the storage closet, all I receive is a stern warning from human resources.


Competition 3: Giving their best Gronk spike pose.

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Who wore it best?

Pit Viper

Billy O’Dunnigan updated his LinkedIn photo. 


Competition 4: Eating 8 Hot Dogs in 69 Seconds

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I’m no personal finance guru, but you can either pay $8 for a stadium dog or score 8 frees at the Pit Viper tailgate and win yourself some elite shades. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


Lucky Row Winners

I’d say that’s an accurate depiction of what it looks like to be a lucky row winner. What’s a lucky row winner you ask? As part of their partnership with the Patriots, Pit Viper will choose a lucky row and deck them out with sunglasses at every home game.


The Gronk Pro Model Sunglasses are restocking!

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Well, I can already tell you one person who is definitely excited about Gronk’s pro model sunglasses being restocked this December. Gronk is Pit Viper’s only official Key Player in the NFL, but licking cardboard pits is surely an interesting way to show the love.

shop the gronk pro model SUNGLASSES HERE


Pit Viper Veteran’s Day Tailgate – November 14

Pit Viper

Trying to translate this sign nearly gave me a brain aneurysm, but I’m with you bro. I think.

Come November 14th, as part of the partnership with the Washington Football Team, Pit Viper will be at the Buccs x Washington Football Team game with a special Veterans Day tailgate and salute to service. Mark the day on the calendar, so you can join the party!

And honestly, I can’t wait to see what his sign says by that week.


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The real winners are all the players who had fun out there.


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