The Internet Reacts To Steelers RB James Conner Rocking An Absolutely Ridiculous Looking Mullet

With Steelers wide receiver Le’Veon Bell sitting out week 1 due to a contract dispute second year tailback James Conner was called on to start the team’s season opener against the Browns.

Before the game, Conner says he didn’t feel anxious going into his first NFL start.


No pressure on me,” said the second-year tailback after Thursday’s practice. “There are a lot of people waiting to see how my performance is going to be. As long as we win, I’m cool.”

Conner, who got minimal work as a rookie with 144 rushing yards on 32 carries, said his goal in football has always been the same: make plays.

“[People] are not in my shoes. They might think it’s pressure, but to me it’s just football and doing my job,” Conner said. “We’ve been here 8-to-5. It’s just my job. The outside world thinks it’s pressure, but it’s just football. It’s always been that way.”

Conner was able to record his first career touchdown early on in today’s Steelers-Browns game but everyone on the Internet was talking about his ridiculous mullet.

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