Wild Police Chase Careens Through Golf Course, Ends In Fatal Shooting


Golfers enjoying a round at Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona, Calif. Tuesday were astounded to see their good times turn into terror as a police chase ripped through the course.

A wanted felon in a minivan led authorities through fairways and greens at reckless speeds.

“This guy was absolutely dangerous,” said Megan Haynes, who witnessed the chase. “He was probably 10 feet away from golfers, and even with our group, if he wouldn’t have turned … We’re lucky people didn’t get hurt.”

Sadly, the same can’t be said for the driver.

The police pursued the driver into a nearby suburban neighborhood where, witnesses say, he was fatally shot by Riverside County sherriff’s deputies after crashing into a tree and attempting to flee on foot.

[H/T: Golf.com]