What Are Some Possible New Logos for the Washington Redskins?

by 4 years ago


The Washington Redskins have the sole distinction of being the only team in professional sports whose name offends a large swath of people. Whether you think it’s offensive is irrelevant. Some people believe it is, and it eventually will be changed.

Our friends at Digg thought they’d have some fun with a potential rebrand, coming up with some cool alternatives to the current name.

What are some options? Well, we’ve got ‘Skins,’ the pro being it would be easy for fans to remember. The con being this naked dude.


via Digg

How about Renegades, with a Native America strutting his stuff on a Harley? Pro: Badass. Con: Maybe still offensive to Native Americans.


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If you’d like to see the rest, head on over to Digg.

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