The Bulgarian Tennis Player That Destroyed Three Racquets And Got Disqualified Is The King Of The Hardo Parade

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When I think about professional sports that are brimming with roid rage, professional tennis is low on my list. Real low. Like professional chess low. But it seems like Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov didn’t get the memo as he broke one…

…then two…

…then three racquets before getting disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Hardo alert. We get it, pal, you lift. No need to keep smashing plastic sports equipment all over the clay to prove that to us. Who even gets this amped about tennis? It’s essentially a hobby for rich people that we as society turned into a professional sport. It’s like how people turned running, which is widely considered a punishment, into a sport. Also, if you’re going to have an afternoon where you smash up three racquets out of anger, I think it’s safe to assume that you suck and should probably give your tennis dreams a rest. Maybe take up carpet cleaning, at least then you can beat something with a racquet and get paid for it.

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