Someone Sent Kevin Durant The Most Canadian Gift Ever To Apologize For The Behavior Of Raptors Fans Following His Injury

raptors fan sends kevin durant flowers

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There was a great deal of speculation concerning whether or not the injured Kevin Durant would make his grand return ahead of the fifth game of the NBA Finals on Monday night but he would ultimately take the court with the series on the line.

Unfortunately, his comeback was short-lived, as the Warrior went down early in the second quarter after suffering an injury to his Achilles.

When the injury occurred, a hushed silence went over the crowd in Toronto and—oh, wait. I’m sorry.

What I meant to say was Raptors fans almost immediately started cheering when they realized the superstar wouldn’t be able to continue to play.

Class out the ass.

Of course, it would be unfair to criticize all Raptors fans for their lack of sportsmanship and basic regard for human decency—even if a bunch of dickheads were captured heckling Steph Curry’s mom and dad outside of their hotel on Tuesday.

Not a great look.

Raptors supporters are making it very easy to paint the entire fanbase as a giant bucket of assholes but it’s obviously unfair to suggest everyone who roots for the team is as much of a douche as the people featured above—and it appears there’s at least one person who’s trying to make up for the rest of them.

Canadians love a lot of things—Tim Hortons, bagged milk, wearing jeans with denim jackets—but there’s one thing its citizens seem to adore more than anything else: apologizing, which is exactly what someone did when they send Durant some flowers and a note to say sorry on behalf of the country.

Raptors Nation could learn a lesson or two from whoever did this.