Did Bad-At-Everything Human Dan Snyder Come Up With A Terribly Crappy Design For The Redskins’ New Stadium? Yeeahh

It’s been tremendously documented that Daniel Snyder is a human being who can do no right. When he’s not making profoundly bad football decisions that negatively effect his team for decades at a time, he’s refusing to admit his team’s nickname is a racial slur, creating fake PR companies to brag about all the good he does, gouging fans at every single step of the game day experience, and selling out to an almost absurd degree, such that the naming rights to everything in his stadium have naming rights.

He’s dumb as fuck, and routinely thinks that any problem can be solved by going out and grabbing the best name, regardless of how they fit into any larger structure, be it fucking Jeff George or Steve Spurrier or Mike Shanahan or Mark Carrier, thinking he can somehow wow you into not recognizing his own stupidity.

Which of course he went out and got the biggest, flashiest firm possible to design a new stadium for his team (despite not having a plot of land, a city or state that wants the stadium, and a lease that runs through 2027 for his current digs), and BIG, as they are called, shat out this turd, which debuted on (HA!) 60 Minutes.

(Should we mention he hired a Danish firm to sketch out an American football stadium?)

It’s got a moat for surfing and kayaking. Look at this fucking crap. It’s perfect for a football game, and by football game I mean a hippie’s idyllic August afternoon in Hood, Oregon

It’s got rappellers and surfers and rollerbladers. Has this firm, Bjarke Ingels Group, ever seen the average NFL fan. None of them could even fit into a kayak. None of them could rollerblade without dying of heart failure.

This would maybe be great for like a fledgling MLS team in Austin, but Washington, D.C.? Ha.

Regardless, it is perfectly fitting that Dan Snyder hires a phenomenal firm (one that is doing the last building at the World Trade Center complex) and gets this tone deaf piece of shit.

Just like the owner himself.

But it will have a retractable roof, so he’ll get to host a Super Bowl and become even richer.