Rob Gronkowski Shares Why Tom Brady Hasn’t Ever Gotten The ‘Full-Gronk Treatment’ On A Night Out

Rob Gronkowski partying with tom brady

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At this point, it’s almost become a tradition to see Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski party with one another at Super Bowl parades. The duo had themselves one hell of a time during the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl boat parade on Wednesday, their fourth celebration together.

Gronk is always the life of the party, but Brady gave him a run for his money this time around tossing the Lombardi Trophy from boat-to-boat and then stumbling his way past the media. It’s clear the two know how to have a good time together, but apparently, Super Bowl celebrations are the only time Gronk and Brady get together to party.

During an interview with James Corden on ‘The Late Late Show,’ the Bucs’ tight end was asked whether or not Brady had ever gotten the “full-Gronk” experience on a night out. Seeing as how Brady doesn’t really party, Gronk said no.

“To tell you the truth, no,” Gronk said. “We never really hit it like that, gone out like that. We got a pretty significant age difference if you really think about it. When I got into the NFL, I was 20 years old, he was 32 years old and married. So if you really think about it, he wasn’t really going to be hanging out with a 20-year-old that he barely knew and going out on the streets with me and my friends when he’s married, 32 years old with a kid.

“So we’ve never actually had a night like that before, but we’ve had a lot of good times and that’s all we need. We just need to keep winning and that’s our celebration, that’s our party right there, scoring touchdowns together.”

It makes sense, you can’t really blame Brady for not wanting to go out and party with Gronk and his group of friends that are 10 years younger than he is.

At least we get to see Gronk and Brady tear it up during Super Bowl celebrations, that’s better than nothing.