Robert Kraft Has Officially Pleaded Not Guilty To Prostitution Charges And Here’s Everything We Know So Far

robert kraft pleads not guilty prostitution

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Around this time last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers had managed to generate the most drama we’d seen in the NFL offseason so far but soon saw themselves dethroned thanks to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Last Friday, Kraft was implicated in a prostitution sting after he was recorded on video visiting a spa in Jupiter, Florida two times in the span of a day—including just hours before he boarded a plane to head to Kansas City for this year’s AFC Championship.

Now, Kraft finds himself at the center of multiple investigations, including one being conducted by the NFL and Roger Goodell—who, as we all know, is a huge fan of the Patriots—and another being helmed by the police department that formally charged him with solicitation earlier this week.

Kraft emphatically denied the charges against him when the news broke, and while the evidence we’re aware of so far makes it seem like a questionable decision, it looks like he’s prepared to fight the legal battle to its bitter end.

According to TMZ Sports, Kraft officially pleaded not guilty to solicitation of a prostitute, which is considered a first-degree misdemeanor in Florida. The owner has requested a non-jury trial, but if judges don’t see things his way, the 77-year-old is looking at some punishments he’ll almost inevitably wriggle his way out of according to Mass Live:

The maximum penalty for Kraft’s alleged crimes is a year in jail, a $5,000 fine and 100 hours of community service per charge, plus enrolling in an educational course on the dangers of prostitution and sex trafficking. However, according to local legal experts, first-time offenders like Kraft are unlikely to receive any jail time.”

Kraft is set to be arraigned on March 27th, which just so happens to be the same day he’s supposed to attend the NFL’s annual meeting of team owners in Arizona (his attorney should be able to represent him in his absence).

Thankfully, this gives us plenty of time to get the popcorn ready.

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