Roger Goodell Says He Doesn’t Think The Dolphins Are Tanking And What The Hell Has He Been Watching?

roger goodell dolphins arent tanking

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Nobody really expected much from the Miami Dolphins coming into this season (which can really be said for essentially every season in the past decade or so), as the team is currently in full rebuild mode—especially when it comes to finding a competent quarterback.

Luckily for them, all sources point to Tua Tagovailoa entering the draft and the common consensus seems to be he’ll be the first player picked up by whatever NFL team manages to shit the bed the most this year.

As a result, there was plenty of speculation the Dolphins would go into full tank mode, and while Brian Flores denied those rumors at the start of the season, he and his team have done literally nothing to put them to rest thanks to their impressively abysmal performance on the field.

The Dolphins had their first (and what may have been their only) chance at a win last week when they faced off against the almost equally hapless Redskins and were a two-point conversion away from costing one gambler a chance at $100,000 by ensuring they wouldn’t go winless this season.

However, things didn’t exactly go as planned (or, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, they went exactly as planned) and the team dropped to 0-5.

Last month, we were treated to a report that said the NFL was preparing to look into whether or not Miami is losing games on purpose, and while anyone with eyes can easily come to their own conclusion, there’s one notable person who somehow doesn’t see what’s unfolding in plain sight: Roger Goodell.

On Wednesday, the commissioner spoke at a press conference and dismissed the tanking concerns, saying, “The good news for us is we don’t see that.” He also shot down speculation that the league could restructure the draft as a lottery a la the NBA, which did so to discourage teams from doing what the Dolphins are obviously doing.

Whatever you say, Roger. Whatever you say.

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